Calorie and Food Log Spreadsheet

The Home Management Tips Calorie and Food Log is a spreadsheet system to help you track your calories and weight over time. Keeping good records of calorie consumption is a quick and easy way to stay on track with any weight loss program.

The Calorie and Food Log contains 5 sheets.

  1. Instructions
  2. Food Log
  3. Daily Weight Log
  4. Calorie Summary
  5. Weight Loss Summary

Each of these sheets acts as part of the whole to help you minimize data entry and ease the burden of counting calories.

Screenshots of the Calorie and Food Log Spreadsheet

The screenshots below give you a view of what you're actually getting in the spreadsheet.

Food Log

Food Log Screenshot

Weight Log

Weight Log Screenshot

Calorie Summary

Calorie Summary Screenshot

Weight Summary

Weight Loss Summary



Here's a reprint of the included instructions so you know just how easy it will be to use this spreadsheet tool to track your progress.

Please abide by the following rules of use.

  1. You may edit the sheets in any way you see fit, as long as you do not try to give away, sell, or otherwise distribute the “Calorie and Food Log” spreadsheets.
  2. For the above reasons, these sheets are not protected. That means it is entirely possible for you to delete out a crucial formula that will cause the sheets to stop working correctly. Please create a backup copy of the “Calorie and Food Log” NOW, and keep it in a safe place.
  3. Only fill in data in the yellow columns. (See #2 above for details.)

Setup is simple! Just follow these instructions and you'll be using these sheets in moments.

Calorie and Food Log Setup

  1. Go to the “Food Log” and enter the foods you have eaten today
  2. You are done until tomorrow when you'll log your daily weight in the “Daily Weight Log” sheet, and the foods you've eaten in the “Food Log”
  3. As data accumulates, you'll be able to watch the included charts for trends

Purchase Information

The Home Management Tips Calorie and Food Log costs only $6.99. You get both an OpenDocument Calc version and a Microsoft Excel version of the spreadsheet. You don't have to ask for one or the other--they're both included. Make your payment securely through PayPal. Since I manually process orders, your spreadsheet will arrive by email within 24-48 hours, but many times much sooner. Please be sure to include the email address to which you want your new spreadsheet sent.

Resources for Weight Loss and Calorie Counting

I suggest this site for your food searches:

Most of the sites out there get their basic data from this government food nutrient database. It's very simple to use and it gives you plenty of options for portion sizes so you don't have to do a lot of calculations yourself to come up with the correct calorie counts for the foods you've eaten. More diet resources >