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Have you ever wondered how it's possible for some people to work a full-time job, raise three kids, have an active recreational lifestyle, and still maintain a well-run household they're never ashamed to show to others?

The answer is that they've learned to follow a set of principles that help them stay on top of their household chores and responsibilities. They know that if they let themselves fall behind, it will be many times harder to catch up than it would have been to stay caught up.

This system of household management is outlined on this site, along with many other articles and tips to help you learn to manage your home efficiently and economically.


Quick Tip: Clean Only What Needs Cleaning

Cleaning to a schedule wastes time and effort that could be better saved for those things that actually need to be done.

More Time Moms Family Organizer 2012 Calendar

The More Time Moms Family Organizer is available for 2012. It’s a best seller for a reason, and that’s because many moms have been using this calendar to manage their homes and family for years.

Home Management is Easier with the Right Tools

Skimping on tools to save money up front isn’t always the best long term strategy.

Can You Save Money with Extreme Couponing?

You cannot coupon without being a consumer and buying things. But can you save money even with extreme couponing?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away vacuum cleaner as seen on TV vacuums carpet, hard floor surfaces, and also acts as a canister vacuum. It’s portable, powerful, and versatile, has a 5 year warranty, and can be bought at a great price!

Digital Food Scales Make It Easy to Manage Your Health

Digital food scales make it easy to manage your health, whether it’s for a special diet or just to maintain or lose weight. Here are some excellent options.

Get Neat and Tidy with Cargo Naturals Stationary Boxes

Buy stationary boxes and use them to get neat and tidy this year. Stationary boxes are multifunctional storage solutions for paper overflow, memorabilia overload, and all around home neatening!

Manage Your Finances With Software

I manage my home finances with software. Although I’ve always been comfortable with the program I currently use, change is coming.

5 Quick Tips for a Romantic Bathroom

Give your bathroom a romantic makeover using these 5 quick tips.

Going Natural with Home Management Tips

Safe and healthy homes start with natural alternatives to the sometimes dangerous and toxic chemicals that we may be using every day, so today, Home Management Tips is going natural.

Don’t Forget to Manage Your Household Finances!

Try YNAB (for budgeting)!

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